Trends in Continuing Education: Nursing

In 2016 the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) introduced new criteria for continuing nursing education (CNE) activities. ANCC developed these updates in order to be better aligned with how Certified Medical Education (CME) was being reviewed. The new criteria is designed to focus less on learning objectives and more on learning outcomes, i.e. what the learner will be able to do as a result of participating in the educational activity.1

In the past we were required to submit measurable objectives to define what was being presented at an event and determine the amount of continuing education that would be available. For many years, this had been the standard.

As of 2016, the focus for Nursing changed to defining the actual gaps in education, knowledge or skills that drove the need for the training or event. From these gaps, the content of the education needs to be developed to fill the gap that was determined. A measurable outcome statement is then developed to state what the learner is expected to take away from the training.

In order to measure what the learner took away, in knowledge or skills, questions have been added to our post event evaluations. These questions ask the learner to state: what they learned; how the knowledge or skill will change how they practice; and how often they will use the knowledge or skill.

While these changes have caused us to re-educate our clients in order to fill their education gaps, most have found it an easier way to think about education needs when they are planning events.  The answers to the new survey questions are proving to be an added benefit for our clients to review how effective the training or event was for their target audience.

MPHI-Continuing Education Services (MPHI-CES) awards continuing nursing education contact hours for many educational opportunities across the United States.  We produce many educational opportunities, from independent studies to in-person events.

1 Ohio Nursing Association Education page;

Written By:
Linda Holton
Continuing Education Specialist
MPHI - Education & Communication Services

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