Welcome to the NEW Events.MPHI.org!

We are very excited to share our new website. Easier, quicker and informational was our key focus. We’ve made great enhancements and hope they make working with the Education and Communication Services team at MPHI a breeze.  

Some of the new features include:

Quicker Menu Access

Less clicks to reach important information

All events and pages can be accessed through the top menus on any of the pages and on the sidebar of all secondary pages. Having all the event links in the main menus and sidebars means less clicks to reach the page you’re looking for.

Quicker Customer Service

Quicker Customer Service

Need assistance with registering for an event or with continuing education? Each event page has a contact support button to reach the correct person on our team for assistance.

Resources, Toolkits, Exhibitor Opportunities & More!

Tools and resources to help you with your event

New Elements like “Resources” (found at the bottom of each page), “Exhibitor Opportunities” and enhanced pages on our Event Management and Continuing Education services offer you information and tips to support your next event.

New Communication Services information

Do you need help with strategic planning or branding on your next event? Check out the Communications section of the site for new information on services provided by our team.

View Communication Services Page

The Green Room

Our new site offers a monthly blog, called The Green Room which will focus on topics relevant to you (like the information you’re reading now). Subscribe today to receive alerts when a new blog is ready. 

Subscribe to The Green Room

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Consistent Event Layout

Organized layouts of our events for easier recognition

Every event follows the same layout. No matter which event you are viewing, you know where the information can be found.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Like what you're reading? Share it! Located in the bottom right hand corner of all the blogs, you will find buttons to share a post to your favorite social media platform(s). You can also check out MPHI's LinkedIn page and ECS's YouTube channel by clicking on the icons in the top right corner of each web page.

And More!

There are so many great enhancements to our site and we invite you to look around and find your favorite. Have some feedback for us on how we can improve it even more? Take our survey! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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Written By:
Katie Chubb
Graphics & Communication Specialist
MPHI - Education & Communication Services

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