Your Project Plan Playbook

A Planner’s project plan is the playbook the team will put into effect to execute, monitor and control the event. No matter what titles your team members may hold, everyone is working together to run a creative business.

Know your plan inside and out

You have to know more than anybody does about the project so do your research.

Know your team

Knowing your teammates is very important when planning. Therefore, know the strengths, know who to support and where the communication needs to take place.

Plan your plan

Set aside time and think everything through and then invite others to collaborate.

Use templates

Don’t start from scratch.  Talk with colleagues and see what have worked in the past and how you can move forward.

Keep it simple

Remember it is a playbook, these are the steps your teammates are going to take and execute along the way.

Plan must reflect reality

Keep in mind your budget and what your participants are looking for so that you are accommodating the needs of the participants.

Engage all parties

There will be challenges along the way, therefore, open communication and collaborations will move the project along.  Silent teammates creates disaster so take all feedback into consideration.

Give team members access

Be transparent and let everyone know where each other is at within the project.

Have the stakeholders sign off on the plan

Have the appropriate people at the table because when you acquire the needed signatures you have obtained their commitment and buy in to support the project along the way.

Update regularly

You have to know that the facts in the plan are going to change, so it is important to update the playbook regularly and consistently.

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