Evaluations – Why You Are Asked to Complete Them

Not all events offer continuing education, or you might not need it, but your information is still highly valued and needed. This tool is your voice to let us know what was good (or bad) about the event. Your input is valuable in evaluating educational topics and the presenters that were used at the event. You will also find an area where you can share ideas you have for topics or presenters for future events. All of this provides valuable information that our clients use as they put together future conferences and trainings.

In the past, you may have completed a paper evaluation that was given to you at the event. While these served their purpose, participants generally rushed through completing paper evaluations in order to move on to their next destination after the training. Because of this, the information gained was not as thoughtful as it could have been. Paper forms are also more time consuming to extract information from after they are completed so while they did the job, there are better ways to collect the information.

Today we use Survey Monkey as our evaluation tool to provide participants with an easier way to communicate what they gained from a conference or training. This tool makes it a quick and easy process for both the participant and our client. The participant can take their time completing the evaluation and our client receives meaningful feedback.

Your opinion and feedback does count in the evaluation process. We urge you to complete your survey each time you attend an event so your opinion can be heard.

Evaluation Tips

  • You will receive your evaluation link by email within 5 business days after the end of the event
  • The link is always sent to the email address you used to register for the event
  • Sometimes the email can fall into junk or spam folders depending on how your email provider views it. Please be sure to white list @mphi.org
  • All evaluation emails come from ceinfo@mphi.org on behalf of surveymonkey.com
  • Contact CEInfo@mphi.org if you have not received a link in 5 business days
  • Most surveys close two weeks after the end of the event and will not be reopened

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