Home Visiting Training: Supporting Parents with Intellectual and other Learning Disabilities

Supporting parents with disabilities requires an understanding of child welfare policies and history of the treatment of people with disabilities. Participants will be involved in discussions and large and small group activities to learn how to best support the differing needs of parents who have intellectual and other disabilities. Community resources and best practices with families will be discussed.

Home Visiting Reflective Trainings

Beginnings can invoke so many different emotions from us – excitement, trepidations, fear, joy or even dread. Every relationship begins somewhere, and it is within those beginnings that we set the foundation for our future loving, learning and growing together. So when we are stuck in supervision, as in our work with infants and toddlers and their caregivers, it can be enlightening to go back to the beginning and look through the lenses of each involved, including the baby. With this in mind, this workshop will offer an opportunity for participants to look at their reflective supervisory relationships through a developmental lens. What stages might each person go through as the relationship is built? How might that inform our work as supervisors or consultants? And, how does keeping the baby in mind help us to focus this important lens? There will be a great deal of time and attention given in this workshop to the participant’s own process. Experiential activities and discussions will provide the foundation to our day of learning together.