Communication Services

MPHI Education & Communication Services can provide expertise on both facilitation and strategic planning to help you determine how to make your event as effective and successful as possible. Our process is divided into 3 components: Plan, Brand, and Engage.

Component One: Plan
  • Figure out who your event audience really is and what matters most to them.
  • Articulate specific results that will give your event tremendous energy.
  • Examine how you make decisions and the impact of these decisions on your event.
  • Determine strategies to connect you, your team, and your organization with the goals of your event.
Component Two: Brand
  • Brand by establishing the name and mission as the event's brand.
  • Create an over-all look and feel for all print and digital deliverables.
  • Determine the voice and messaging used in all communications, including public relations and marketing materials.
  • Develop a brand strategy to ensure consistency across all platforms and strengthen the brand identity
Component Three: Engage

Storytelling is the most powerful way
to put ideas into the world.

- Robert McKee

Plan, Brand, Engage!

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