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Continuing Education

Online Bio/COI Form

Each Planning Committee Member, Presenter or Panel Member, along with anyone else responsible for your event’s content, is required to complete a Biographical Data/Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form before your continuing education can be awarded. This requirement can be completed quickly by using our online form process.

If there are difficulties in completing this, or you have any questions, please contact

Online Bio/COI Form

Quick Fill Education Form

The Quick Fill Education Form provides us the information needed to understand the education you want your learner to have and to complete applications for continuing education. Your answers should be based on the overall activity goals and should not focus on individual sessions or presentations. Be as thorough as possible with your answers.

If you need assistance with completing this form, contact Linda Holton at 517-324-6083.

Quick Fill Education Form (PDF)


A timed agenda for the training is also required showing all breaks and lunch time. This is used to determine the amount of eligible hours.

Please send your agenda to

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