Meet Katie W.

Katie W. graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Advertising and Promotion and a minor in Graphic Printing and Sciences. Katie W. has been using her talents in a variety of creative roles at MPHI for the past 5 years. While spending 3 years as an online course developer/graphic designer at MPHI she designed tutorials, quick references, and graphics for a number of events and clients at MDHHS. After joining the Education and Communication’s team at MPHI, Katie W. managed the department’s digital presence (e.g., mobile app, website, & registration pages). Currently, Katie W. serves as a Systems and Project Specialist where she works to implement best practices in event communications and has continued to use her creative talents to develop promotional materials for trainings and conferences. She also is a certified SCRUM Master has completed ToP Facilitation training course in May of 2018.

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