“I am the Clinical Staff Educator for the Emergency Departments at Lakeland Regional Health. This education is effective because of the real-life examples given with each lesson. The lesson then goes on to talk about what to look for and how to talk to the victim so that they do not feel more shame and will begin to trust you. The videos also repeated the important info we need to say when we recognize or suspect HT. Love the soothing background music and beautiful calm scenery. The 3 minute daily videos give you time to digest what you have learned. Very effective. I will be using the Learning Aid for all staff in the ED, and any new staff starting in the ED from here on out. I have already looked at other situations that have come up in other classes I teach and saw the possibility they may have been dealing with a HT victim and have talked about the red flags. This touches so much more than just ED staff. It makes me look at situations in a different light. Things I see/hear on social media, missing children, TV news, etc all make me think about the possibility that some of these people are being trafficked.”

– Lakeland Clinical Education Director